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afraid (...complex machine)

iím afraid of my hands, they could kill me
iím afraid of my fingers and arms
iím afraid of my eyes, they could see me
iím afraid of my fraudulent charms

iím afraid of my legs, they could stop me
iím afraid of my toes and my feet
iím afraid of my ears, they could hear me
Iím afraid they could shatter and bleed

iím a complex machine
iím a complex machine
Iím a puppet and Iím clever and dense
iím a complex machine
iím a complex machine
iím afraid i donít make any sense

iím afraid of my mouth, it could bite me
iím afraid of my tongue and my teeth
Iím afraid of my nose, it could smell me
Iím afraid it could drop out to breethe

iím afraid of my head, it could fool me
Iím afraid of my reasonable mind
iím afraid of my heart, it could beat me
iím afraid it could leave me behind

i am structured and oiled
i am plastered and spoilt
i am baffled and boiled
Iím a puppet, Iím a puppet

i am clever and numb
i am gifted and dumb
rule-of-toe rule-of-thumb
i better drop it! i better drop it!

"...qualitativ hochwertige MitfŁhlmelodien..."
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"...hervorragende Arrangements..."


"...vertršumt poppige Note..."
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"...angenehm unaufgeregt..."
Rote Raupe


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